30 days of drawing (challenge)

I mentioned this challenge many times. I wanted to make a video for my Youtube channel and then publish this post but as I can see my productivity recently it would never happen.

So here is the post.

TO be honest, I have already finished this challenge month ago and since then I haven’t been drawing a lot. I wanted to continue but the first excitement evaporates quickly.

Anyway I was able to draw 30 days in a row so it is still a success.

The goal was simple. I draw some illustration or doodle with my hand and then transferred it into Adobe Photoshop and made the coloring (part of the process was also to improve my Photoshop skills).

Before I show you the gallery. Please aware that I am not an artist. I just draw everything that came to my mind and I really tried to improve.

I am very happy with some of the drawings but of course, the majority is pretty bad. Some days I draw more than one (if you couldn’t count it 🙂

I think I do not have to say more. I enjoyed it a lot. I dived a little deeper into the craft and pretend to be an artist. It was an awesome experience. I hope I am gonna be back sometimes and will work more on my drawing in the future.

Enjoy the gallery (it is sorted from day 1 until day 32)

Stay tuned. Emil