30 days of meditation

A new year and new challenges coming. Even though I have started ith meditation already in 2019.

I was experiencing with meditation many times but I could never keep it for a longer period of time.

I usually downloaded the Headspace app and did the free lessons. After that, I lost interest and forbid meditations for many months.

My opinion about Headspace app (Sometimes I am stupid do not take it granted haha)

The problem with Headspace (or another meditation app) is a little too hard to start for beginners. Even though the sessions are quite short. I still kinda struggle to follow the instruction and I feel a little stressed about it. Which is not ideal during the meditation, haha.

If you went successfully through the exercises it has never convinced me to buy the subscription.

Sure if you have recommendations for some awesome app. Let me know in the comment section.

So I tried a little different approach and doing the meditation session my way.

I started just with 2 minutes session. Using only the timer on my phone.

The goal was to stay calm using just deep breaths. I just dint want to make it uncomfortable. That’s why I choose this slow approach.

On this day my session is 4 minutes (I know still pretty low). I can still see a little improvement.

Not always but a few times, I could get into the mood I really just focus on the inner self. My mind didn’t wander elsewhere. Sure, its usually just for a few seconds but I take it as a success.

Once I get into the state I was really happy after the session.

What is most important I keep going even though I have already passed the 30 days mark.

The goals for the next days are to prolong my sessions and get into a calm state for a longer time.

Important to say, I meditate at night right before I go to bed. It’s a little hassle to find the right time. It could be better to do it early in the morning. Its calmer around. At night I sometimes struggle with a lot of noises that distract me.

Anyway, I am still at the beginning of my meditation journey. I do not plan to stop. So I will definitely keep you informed about my improvement and hassles.

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Stay with me. Efran.