30 days of running (challenge completed)

I mentioned this challenge a few weeks back in my post. I was at the beginning of the journey and there wasn’t any certainty I can complete it.

Usually, I write about challenges after I successfully finished them but with this one, I tried a different approach.

I wanted to make it public to have some other judges and keep myself motivated without thoughts to give up.

Today I can say I succeed.

So how was it? What are my feelings after? How did I change? Can we see some stats?

Let’s continue reading :).

How was my running routine?

To be honest, after a while it got pretty all right. Sure my legs hurt in the beginning, Sure I didn’t want to wake up that early but I got used to it and the commitment was stronger than my laziness.

Let’s make it clear. I do not hate running. Time to time I go run just never do it regularly. Still, it was easier for me to begin this challenge but yeah, why would I do what I hate, right?!

Just keep it in mind, everyone is different so you should adjust your challenges or commitments according to your preferences.

But let’s back to running challenge πŸ™‚

I haven’t set any goal about distance or average pace. So the main goal was just to get out of the house and run even if it would be just one kilometer. Mostly I run a short route about 2.6 KM and it took around 15 minutes. As you can see it’s an easy distance but more about the numbers and the end of this post.

So most of the time I run in the morning before work. I just had to cuz if I wouldn’t go before work I would hardly make it after. Later I make something -> most probable I skip it.

The usual running time was about 7 AM. I get out of bad and run. Again if you hesitate a little it’s easier to continue sleeping. So try to just jump into your running clothes and go. That was my key to success.

What was the most interesting part it slowly wasn’t just about running, actually the running started to be just one part of my newly forming morning routine.

I do not say I did all of this from the beginning but slowly I added a few things.

It’s not just about running

First of all, I started to do 5 pull-ups after the run, nothing big but better than nothing right. Then I took a bath ending with a cold shower. No hardcore mood here, just a few seconds of coldness, haha. The morning routine is finished with a nice breakfast without any distraction focus just on the food, no phone, no computer around me.

You can see what can make a running and a little extra time in the morning with my habits. I plan to improve it even more but better do it step by step and get used to it with no pressure.

Sure all of this can be made just with proper sleep. I never wanna be in bed later than 11 PM. This is crucial for me otherwise I wouldn’t be able to wake up.

Numbers, numbers, numbers

Let’s check some number and see some of my routes below. So total I run 100 KM, yeah I tried to make the number nice so my last runs had to be a little longer, haha.

It makes 3,3 KM per run average but mostly I take just the first route around 2.7 KM. I run this route 20 times so the 2/3 of all my runs. I think I run pretty fast but it’s not about I would really enjoy that fast pace I just wanted to get it done fast, haha.

Yeah, I wasn’t really creative with my routes but sometimes was really hard just to get out of the bad, haha.

The longest run was my 10 KM race (after 14 days of running) and I run 10 km one more time just by myself. The shortest was 2.48 KM.

The 10KM race was probably the highlight of my running experience. I had a pretty good time and I feel awesome after I finished. I mean just mentally, physically I was dead, haha.

To keep track of my running I use just free version of Runtastic app. It has everything what I need.

What is gonna be next?

I am very happy I could complete this challenge. Sure it was challenging sometimes and I was about to give up, but the feelings at the end are amazing. As I mentioned before the running routine completely changed the whole morning routine.

That’s why I am gonna continue. I am not gonna running daily. I will definitely skip some days to get some rest but I would like to keep going at least 3 – 4 times per week. Maintain this routine will be much harder than the challenge. Wish me luck.

Do you have any question about my challenge? Leave me a comment below!

I like the challenges I would like to start some new very soon, do you have any tips? Comment below!:)

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