30 days without coffee (How I feel)

A few posts back I mentioned I try to avoid coffee and sugar. I cannot really count the sugar break cuz I do not follow that super strictly even though I limited the use of sugar a lot.

But with the coffee, it’s a different story I was able to keep it the whole time.

As you can already know before I started this challenge I drunk one strong coffee a day (sometimes two). Sure I cannot count myself as a heavy drinker of coffee but still, I felt I needed to be more aware of the amount or I just wanted to try if I am able to survive without coffee.

As you can guess cuz I can still write this post I survived but I would like to share with you some of my thoughts.

Coffee as a desert

First weeks were hard I missed it a lot. It wasn’t about I felt tired and without energy but more about I missed my morning desert.

It was my routine. With coffee was starting my workday and I always looked forward to drinking it. (there is not much pleasure in the water haha).

This feeling, fortunately, faded slowly even though if I am bored or I wanna take a break I have still thoughts about drinking one.

Coffee as an energy boost

My personal feeling is that I didn’t have coffee connected to my energy level but sure sometimes you feel like without coffee you cannot do anything.

But I never felt I would be more sleepy than usual. I could be a little moody sometimes in the first few days but later it got into the normal.

Coffee as a hobby

It’s not just about drinking coffee but I like also making coffee. I got hooked during my stay in Canada. When I had the opportunity working in the coffee shop why not to try to make it.

Fortunately, I can still make it for my coworkers. I cannot practice that much without my portion but still can make some amount of cappuccinos and improving my latte art. So I do not need to give up this pleasure. πŸ™‚

Coffee as a way of life

Coffee is not just a coffee. It’s the early morning in your favorite coffee shop. The talk with your fellow barista. The flavor of espresso. The thing to connect with your friends.

It’s a way of living and to be honest I miss that a little. Sure I can choose a different drink but coffee is coffee.

Am I a coffee addict?

I would say probably not but this question is not just for me but you can ask yourself as well.

I think it’s good to be aware of your little habits and a few times a year do an experiment like this. Do a step back and see how your body react.

Since the beginning of this challenge, I have never thought about stopping with coffee forever and I will probably get back to drinking coffee but I just needed to prove myself it does not control me but I am here in charge.

How about you? πŸ™‚

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Stay with me. Emil