639 days of writing

Before I started this blog I haven’t been writing much. To be honest I haven’t been writing at all.

Toronto trip changed it all. I was thinking it would be cool to have some kind of diary from my working holiday experience and also if I would be improving my spoken English I could work also on my written English. Win-Win situation.

And here I am. Four years later with 201 posts written down. There were ups and downs and I was about to end the struggle many times but somehow I could stick until today.

Two years ago I add up more writing. I started building up a new habit of writing at least 200 words every day. So no more just one post for this blog but I had to write daily.

To my surprise, I was able to keep my streak 639 days and I keep going. I am not sure how long I am gonna stick with it but so far I keep going.

It was an interesting ride and I think it helped me a lot to bring my thoughts on the paper.

It is easier to put down simple thoughts and to be honest I do not think about it that much now. If I wanna write I just write and do not have an extra block which would be holding me back.

Whats is next? I should maybe write a book, haha … but who knows :D.

Stay tuned. Emil