A few steps back with my writing

Sure, I am back here every week but for now, it’s the only output I do and yeah, the posts are getting shorter and shorter. Usually, I just sit down and write. I do not plan my posts in advance … that sucks … and you can see that the quality is decreasing.

Anyway, that’s another problem … last year I was just finishing my first E-book (after I reread it yesterday I think it’s pretty good :D), I kept writing daily on the 200words a day app … simply writing was my everyday hustle.

Sure it was pretty exhausting but I could see the progression. Since I stopped I am not able to keep pace. One post a week is not enough and I am thinking to add up something more. Maybe try to challenge me with a new ebook? … I do not know yet but I know I don’t wanna throw my writing away. I think it’s such a good and helpful habit.

Right now I write scripts for my Youtube videos. It’s in my native Czech language. I don’t think it’s very connected it’s totally different story. I just need to write in English and in Czech both these skills improving separately.

Just need to get back on this writing track.

It’s an imporant part of a content creator and I am a content creator! 🙂

Stay tuned. Emil