A little bit about the promo, some stats and why I write

I am gonna talk just about the projects I am currently working on. It’s this blog Worktravelenjoy.com, the affiliate site Oblibenatricka.cz and my new youtube channel Organized life.

So far it’s funny. All the numbers are pretty low but if you are on the bottom you can go just up haha. See the pictures from analytics. You can see the stats from May. There is definitely space for progress.:)

When I started this blog It was just my secret I hadn’t told anyone. I was afraid of my English, my personal thoughts, my stupid life.

Actually, the main reason wasn’t to be a famous blogger but to improve my writing English and to save my memories of this experience.

Anyway, I was soooo stupid. Please never be afraid. I lost so many potential visitors and subscribers. I would say that my stay abroad in Canada would be interesting for many people cuz between the stupid thoughts there were some interesting tips on how to survive abroad.

So right, in the beginning, I made a big mistake. If you start a new project try to reach your audience right from the beginning. It can give you also the valuable feedback and help you with the direction of your website. It’s hard especially for me I feel really vulnerable if I am showing my thoughts or projects but you must do it if you wanna make something successful. You need to get some feedback (bad or good doesn’t matter), you need to be cheered.

That’s why I made so many breaks on the way and I haven’t kept the writing schedule all the time. I wasn’t simple motivated enough if nobody is reading my blog why I would try to keep my schedule.

Even if you would writing just for one reader you need him!! Keep it on your mind. Share across your family, friends, communities. That’s the best advice for the start.

Did I improve with the promotion?

To be honest not so much even though there is some improvement. Few times I mentioned my blog on the 200 words a day. I have the link of my blog on all my social media (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook). I am logging my progress on Getmakerlog.com and I am not afraid to show the links to blog posts. These are just little steps, I should reach more communities but I need to start slow. As I mentioned I am still looking for my confidence.

Why I actually writing here

One of the reasons I make this little transformation cuz I love to read about side projects from different kind of bloggers. I like to see the stats, be inspired, sometimes copy (I am just honest :)) but a lot of them hiding all the information and talking just about general stuff and I hate it. I think I could do it better If someone would copy me I don’t care. Life is not easy, right?! I simply want to show you.

Sure I cannot impress you with the high earnings, but hopefully, we will get there or somewhere haha. I guess my openness, style of writing is the key. It’s also easier to catch up if you would have some small project. the high numbers are first unrealistic and second it easier to give up if you cannot match fast with it (I am talking generally cuz you can catch up with me easily :D).

My Youtube channel

About my Youtube channel, there is probably the biggest insecurity even though I’m recording just my screen but you can hear my bad English and you can see my bad coda docs haha. But I like it and I wanna continue as long as I can. If I am recording these videos I am learning myself too. Hopefully, the content will be better and better.

I share the video on 200WaD, Getmakerlog.com and recently I shared it in Coda community forum (as I said you need to look for the right communities). See my last video below. This time I tried to record writing my 10 ideas live. I was in a hurry … Did I make it? see the video πŸ™‚

My affiliate site

About the affiliate site, I am not doing a big promo. Basically only in my blog posts here. There is no commission so far and since last time I put there just only one new post about political humor prints, cuz there were European union elections (as I mentioned in the previous post with these kinds of sites you need to follow the trends)

The Thursdays are for my affiliate site. Schedule schedule schedule hehe. So next post gonna be on Thursday there. I wanna do some “the best prints” list. Just pick the best t-shirts from my partner’s e-commerce sites. I wanna write a lot of words around and try to play a little with some storytelling in my native language (Czech). I need to improve my Czech writing as well and the affiliate site is a good place to start cuz nobody really care haha.

OK, that’s it for today. You could see some first stats about my projects or better to say you didn’t see anything haha (but please stay – together we better :)).

Don’t hesitate to follow my journey and subscribe to my mailing list. πŸ™‚ HERE πŸ™‚

Stay with me. Emil.