A little niche project update

As I mentioned in some of my previous posts I started a new local niche project. The motivation was high and I put a lot of effort into it.

Since then the motivation faded a little but I keep going. Recently I posted a second post and I immediately started writing another one.

It’s just a normal struggle I guess. Some other topics got my attention and I lost the track. I got an idea about another project which could be kinda challenging and provocative but not sure if I am gonna start it.

Since April I am gonna have more time so will see how I use it. The writing is my strongest hobby now so maybe I am gonna public a lot of content around all the internet, haha.

Anyway, I still believe in my current project. I have written down post topics ideas so I can always keep going.

The first post is already ranked in the search engines but I do not check the statistics yet I think it’s still one big ZERO. The second post should be better but it is not in Google yet.

Of course, not all the posts there will be SEO focused cuz it’s pretty hard to come up with quality content so I am gonna mix it with some personal topics and shorter posts.

The preferred schedule would be one SEO post one short post a week.

Yeah, nothing much to share right now. I just wanted to make a little update and describe my struggles.

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Stay with me. Emil