A new project launched

Yeah, on Sunday I posted the first article on my new website. The slow growth of the audience can begin (hopefully :)). It’s just one post there is still a lot of work but I can do it on the way. I just didn’t want to wait any longer. I set up also a basic design scheme and I am happy with it. I choose the same WordPress template as for the Nocodemag. It’s simple and clean which is perfect for the readability of my posts.

DISCLAIMER: I am not gonna say the name yet. It’s a very early phase and I just wanna keep it going for a while and see where it goes. Still, I will be mentioning stats in my regular monthly reports so stay tuned :).

Anyway, what I can say. It’s a local project. In my native language. Except for the affiliate website with t-shirts I haven’t done such a project before.

Its a content based niche project. I am gonna focus on making SEO content. Long articles filled with particular keywords. Trying to rank them high in search engines. It’s a long shot. The success definitely not gonna come overnight (maybe never).

I just need to be patient, look for the right keywords and write awesome content.

My working routine for this project now is: Finding good keywords, writing content and making it all look nice and readable.

Of course, the writing part takes most of the time. The writing morning sessions helping me a lot.

I just need to keep going. The first post is published (over 2000 words). Now I need to keep bringing a lot of content.

My plan is to post one big post every two weeks and some shorter easier one every week.

I would like to do this project properly. Set some short term / long term goals. Writing to-does … just keep project management.

Simply need to be more organized or at least die trying :). All these apps mentioned below are shared between my personal and working life.

I choose to keep it simple (one of my goals for 2020). Still, in the best-case scenario, I would use just one app but it’s just not possible right now.

For now, even though I know its not perfect. I use these apps for particular

For to-does I use the iOS Notes app on my iPhone, it’s fast, simple and that’s what I like.

This one is for more personal things which I would forget otherwise. I use the iOS Reminders app. (buy a grocery, pay a bill, call someone..) Just quick and easy.

I try also the iOS Calendar. I never used any calendars before, not even papery one but now I wanna see what is going on in my life. Actually I do not need it that much. I am not super busy. But if I fill the repetitive tasks (daily job, commune etc.) I can see the bigger picture. I can plan my free time and find blank spots. It is also a good motivation feature. If I write down some side projects work or running work out there. I don’t wanna break it and its harder to skip it.

The best thing is that all these apps are easy to sync between the iPhone and my Macbook Pro.

The last app and the biggest battle between Coda and Notion won The Notion.so app. Yeah, even I was a hard user of Coda in the beginning. For the new projects, I decided to try the Notion.

So far I set some basic info about the new project but I plan to keep it growing.

The Notion setup it’s not easy and I was always giving up to dive deeper into the app. I put there all these templates and trying to fit it for my projects needs but it was a total mess. I couldn’t make it useful

This time I tried a new approach. First I used some paper to draw all the uses cases which I need. I tried to keep it as simple as possible and get rid of things I am collecting in other apps. Then I could see what I have to put into the Notion and the process happened to be much easier.

As I said I am still in the beginning but I can see already that the tool will be useful and we are not gonna fight against each other like it was before.

As soon as I will be happy with the final template I will be definitely sharing it with you! Stay tuned :).

That’s it for today. Wish me luck with the new project. Hopefully, I will be able soon to share some interesting stats with you.

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Stay with me. Emil.

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