About life

This is my personal blog. Last weeks I tried to write about my side projects and some technical info behind the scenes. Since I do not have much to write about today I am gonna do this post more about my personal thoughts and what was going through my mind recently.

I would like to also summarize some of my new habits and why I keep doing them.

Past weeks were kinda lazy from my side. Do not know really why but I just couldn’t push myself to work hard at my daily job nor my side projects work.

Still, I was able to hold my schedule in case of side projects, I have never missed a new post. On the other hand, the quality of those posts wasn’t high as I was making everything very last minute.

The whole week I look forward to the weekend to do some work but on the weekend I just laid in my bed. Its already happened many times and I just cannot overcome this state of laziness.

Sure I wanna be independent but probably I am not motivated enough to actually do some hard work.

I feel that my level of energy goes up and down, cannot really have some stable line.

Recently I didn’t even go to the boxing lesson. So no exercise during the week. I must get back on track fast otherwise, will be fat.

Last a few days I try to avoid sugar. It’s just an experiment but I must try cuz I realized I eat sugar so much. Sweets, lemonades, snacks every day. I couldn’t even imagine no to eat some sweets after every bigger meal.

I will not do hardcore and avoid all the sugar, just try to get rid of the additional sugar. Its been already 4 days but it’s so hard so far.

One of my habit I keep doing already about two months is to Self casting to myself. It’s kinda like spoken diary and recap of my day. Every day before sleeping I just talking and recording it. It’s good to say something out loud it makes me think.

I added another part of this habit and it’s to listen to my self-cast from the previous day before the recording. As I said it’s like a diary for me and I like to do it.

Since my new making shaking journey, I am trying to get to know me better. Define myself and according to that decide which direction I should go.

I know I shouldn’t overthink everything but I just need to find me a little bit better.

I am thinking to go on vacation I haven’t been a long time .. Bu this time it would be just mee. I would book some hotel in the mountains and just walk around to get some strength back.

Okay, that’s it for today. Some of my random thoughts but sometimes it’s needed to write everything down.

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Stay with me. Emil.