About to start a new project

Yes, I do not have enough. I decided to start a new project. It’s gonna be a local one again. Until today it will probably the biggest challenge.

I am not afraid and I want to goo all in and focus simply on that.

It will be a newsletter with interesting interviews with people around online business. I would like to keep it short and sweet and full of tips and actionable steps for my reads.

I divided the work into two parts. The first part is to find my subscribers. I use direct marketing which contains to bother my friends and people who could be interested in the content.

Actually, it’s pretty hard. I am kinda scared to show my work and step out of this comfort zone is not very comfortable, haha. Also no one really cares so I need to really push it hard until someone actually subscribes.

I am gonna start a paid advertisement in the following days. I need to grow my audience cuz if no one is gonna read my emails I will get bored very soon and that’s not an option.

The second part is actually getting some content for my newsletter. I do not have a strong network. So I just scrolling through my friends and try to find someone who has some interesting projects and also just randomly sending cold emails to strangers.

It is very hard but that’s not gonna stop me. I need to bring good content otherwise no one is gonna read it.

This Thursday will be the kick-off. I am gonna send my first email. Let’s get the party started. Wish me luck!:)

On Friday I uploaded another Logo design video. You can check it below.

Stay tuned. Emil