Adding up newsletters

A few months back I kicked off my newsletter. IT should be about bussines and the main part of the copy was an interview with succsefull people around the interenet.

I was very passionate about it and for a few months working on it pretty hard. As usual, the interest faded away very soon. I stopped and it looks like the new issues never come back but I changed my mind. As soon as my Youtube channel came into place I need channels to promote new videos. My newsletter with almost 200 subscribers seems like a good place. The topic is close so I guess it doesn’t need to piss off my readers.

I just change the concept. I am gonna talk about my youtube channel and the business behind the scenes. Its not gonna be every week, maybe every other week or if I am gonna make relevant video. It feels right. I am not gonna be so stressed to bring new content every week and I will actually bring something interesting for my subscribers at the right time and right pace. WIN – WIN.

The second newsletter will be directlz connected to my balding project. I do have a blog and the content on my youtube channel will be relevant as well. I wanna set up the right ground for my future bussines endevour. The principle is the same. I am not gonna send every week but just if I have the solid content. At least I try. The video making is pretty exhausting. I need to use my power wisely.

It’s part of the marketing. I need to bring viewers to my videos. Actually, I kinda like this kind of business. It’s that thing I always wanted. I work on something with purpose, it’s very creative and it has space to grow.

I just need to overcome my fears, improve step by step and keep moving forward … of course, do not give up…

.. but I feel strong this time … I can visualize the road … I don’t care to work hard … I think it could be finaly the right way …

Wish me luck!