An unproductive day

After a very long time, I just wasn’t able to do anything today. I guess it all started with very bad sleep. I was tired and I just couldn’t force myself to do something useful. I even slept in the afternoon.

Hopefully, it’s just a one-day exception. My Youtube life is still on even though the last video does very poorly. It’s really hard to stay motivated if you do not get the award. The time is needed. I know that but it still hurts :)).

Since the restart of my Youtube career, I have uploaded 8 videos. It means 8 weeks of very hard work. I can see the progress for sure. I speak better and the overall feel of my videos is incomparable.

These little steps gonna pay of in the future. I am sure about it. I am sure I will succed. Sooner or later.

Wish me luck. 🙂