Another Habits overview

Yeah, today its gonna be short. I write down my current habits. It’s maybe more for me than for you cuz I usually keep forgetting. πŸ™‚

I write down just my daily habits. I do also something just a few times a week. So let’s see what is on my list now. Its gonna be similar to my last list but I refreshed something and something is already gone.

Writing over 200 words on Cowriters. Yeah, I am still keeping my streak alive. It’s not deep writing. I put down usually just some daily thoughts in a journal way.

Duolingo – English to Spanish. My Spanish still sucks but my Duoling streak is unbreakable, haha.

Short workout routine – 10 pull-ups, 15 push-ups, 1-minute plank, handstand, 3 minutes skipping the rope, 2+2 minutes shadowboxing.

Read a bit. Just grab a book. It’s not limited by time. Sometimes it’s a long read sometimes just one page.

Story worthy practice. It’s a habit from a book I am reading. I just try to find some story-worthy story from my day

Meditate for 5 minutes. Before I go to bed I try to stay calm and mediate.

Writing 10 ideas a day. James Altucher practise. Just write down everything what comes to my mind.

Taking a selfie. Still doing this even don’t know why.

Record a voice-over. Another type of journaling this time in spoken word.

Play guitar. I do some 10 minutes exercise form an app called Yousician.

Log tasks on Makerlog. I try to stay in indie hackers community. Its gonna be useful someday in the future. I hope. πŸ™‚

Stay tuned. Emil