I would like to share with you the mobile phone apps or websites I am using. I’m no really heavy user of hundreds of apps, but hope it could be a little bit interesting for you. I am gonna update this list for sure.


  • Tinder  – I had used Tinder a lot in Canada, except dating it’s a good thing for stepping out of the comfort zone
  • Duolingo – Using daily, now I am keeping streak in Spanish
  • Instagram – during my travels, I upload a lot, if I am home, just stalking others 🙂
  • Facebook messenger
  • Whatsapp
  • Hostelsworld – when I travel
  • Snapchat – not so much
  • Mobilnibanka – my bank’s app
  • Notes – in iPhone
  • Runtastic – if I feel motived to run, unfortunately, it is not so often
  • Shazam – I like to discover new songs
  • Spendee – I would like to keep track on my expenses as a habit, but still struggling to keep consistent
  • Voice memos – on iPhone, if I pondering some melody or lyrics for songs I record it
  • GuitarTuna – when I need to tune my guitar


  • – I used Kiwi a lot during my travels, last minutes bookings, trip planning, but actually, during my last trip I just checked the possibilities on Kiwi and then booked the flight tickets directly on airlines websites, it was cheaper
  • – in Canada good thing how to find a place to live or part-time job, I bought also a bike through the craigslist.
  • – same as craigslist
  • – a really useful tool for creating simple designs
  • – a good web app for keeping my writing habit, Just 200 words a day