April 2020 stats and overview

Hello There, April is gone. Let’s check what has happened:).

April was my first month which I could focus just on my work and side projects. The coronavirus just makes it all faster.

I felt pretty confident during the month. I was able to focus on my work, I kept some sort of schedule and didn’t procrastinate that much which is a good observation. Of course, my motivation follows some waves, and some days were better than others but anything exceptional.

I keep going on my local Niche project. One post a week, no stress, no hassle. Actually, I got my first commission from an affiliate link. I am very happy about it. I need these little kicks to keep the motivation high.

I released my fist E-book as you could see. I did a little promo on Facebook but otherwise anything big. I got around 6 downloads. What success :D. I am just kidding it was fun and it made me push my limits and I am happy about it. I definitely plan to write some other E-book it the future.

I made also a little side-side project where I have been contacting a few authors/bloggers and asked them some questions. You can see the first part here and the second part here. It was interesting to experience and also a nice motivation push.

No more blabbing lets see the stats of my side projects :).

My blog Worktravelenjoy.com

As I make a little promo of my E-book the numbers went up a little bit. It still sucks a big time. I think I could promote a little bit my “Ask the authors” series and will see if there it will be some improvement.

Anyway, I do not give up. I wanna experiment with the content more and higher up the standards. My blog is personal and it’s very important for me to keep going.

No-code project Nocodemag.com

I like to see the green numbers hehe!:) Even though I didnt post anyhing in March nor April. The stats went up. Hooray.

I updated a little bit the most successful article Notion vs Coda which drives all the traffic. I also put some referral links for Notion and Coda. I realized they have this program. Too late but better than never, right?! Actually I got the first 5 dollars credit for Notion. Moneyyyyyyy is coming :D.

I wanna post my content there and also I will have some quests post. I tweeted about it and people reached me out. We will see where will this cooperation lead. ๐Ÿ™‚

Youtube channel Organized life

My views went up a little bit. I was able to make a new video after a long time. I didnt get any new subrscribers but I could expect that.:)

I plan to make big changes in May. I will rename the channel and will keep it more personal. I don’t wanna start a new channel so I just change the name and will see if the current subscribers stay with me or leave. I keep the old content there.

I wanna post some design work there ( I currently do two design-related challenges), some Udemy course reviews, still do some videos about Notion, and how to keep things organized and some fun.

The topic will be broader but I just wanna somehow show my thoughts is video form. I do not expect any success but I think it is the right thing to do.

Keep you posted about this project :).

The affiliate site oblibenatricka.cz

Green numbers again but it didn’t bring me any commission. I do not push this project but I feel it’s nice to have it and just learn from this classic affiliate website.

I will keep it in my portfolio and maybe it brings me something. I do post weekly there.

Month summary

That’s it for April. Let’s hope for a better future. I hope you dont mind it’s a little bit longer today.

I am excited and looking forward to the following projects. I hope I can overcome all the downs and emphasize all the ups.

See you in the next report! ๐Ÿ™‚

Stay safe. Emil