April 2021 stats and overview

The Youtube life is still with me. I can hold the schedule and bring new videos every week. It’s basically the only focus for now.

The whole month was similar to March but at least at the end I kinda sort out how to be more productive so hopefully, it will show its pluses in May.

Weeks are lead just by my Youtube hustle. I upload a new video and the following day I have to think about the next one. It feels as I would be always behind.

Anyway no more crying. You can see the statistics for March below

My blog Worktravelenjoy.com

Nothing to see her. I am able to write every week but mostly bring just some personal thoughts without much thinking about it.

Yeah, I am the worst. I should care about this treasure more. We are many years together.

Youtube channel Hrdy plesoun (former Efran)

The statistics are green and that’s what I like. I do have 84 subscribers (+13 since March). I got a good boost even though it doesn’t feel as much but I need to be happy with every new one. For now, I need to focus on views, the subscribers will come in the second wave. I am sure!:)

I did a little promo on hair forum and it worked better than I though people were very happy about my hair loss journey.

I struggle a little with video ideas I need to plan my videos in advance and have more time for every one of them.

It brings better quality and better final product. I will also try different styles. I am still at the beginning of my Youtube journey so I need the perfect form which fits my channel.

Month summary

My blog is bad but the Youtube channel is growing a little. As I mentioned in the previous report its a long term goal I cannot expect miracles.

I am on my way to build an audience. Make new videos and see what will happen. I am ready and I am motivated!

Stay with me and my journey. Lets meet next month on the same place!