August 2019 stats and overview

End of the month is here. Superfast again. Regular monthly review coming.

If I would be honest August was the worst month in case of my productivity so far. I couldn’t force myself to do something meaningful.

I was just lazy (lazier than usual). It could be connected with no exercising the whole month and I just didn’t have any extra power to work on my side projects. Still, I could keep my schedule but I wasn’t able to write down something good.

Anyway, no more crying let’s check the stats and see how my project was going. Spoiler alert I earn more money than last month!:)

My blog

The sad story continues. My blog stays in one place. There is no improvement at all, just a little lower bounce rate.

The metrics I am focusing on:

  • New blog posts in August: 5 (counting this one) – I plan to keep the pace and I could make it even though the recent posts are pretty short and more about personal stuff but it still counts :).
  • Pageviews: 217 – It’s even worse the last month (337) and my goal was too high. Need to keep it low.
  • New users: 27 – Again, it’s even less new users than last month and goal unreached.
  • Subscription to my mailing list: 0 – Sad story. Who is gonna be the first subscriber I haven’t find out yet? :/

You know if you reach the bottom you can go just up :). Let’s set some goals for September.

Goals for the next month

  • I am fine with 5 posts per month.
  • No more unreachable goals let’s get to 400 pageviews.
  • Lowering my expectation let’s have 40 new users.
  • From zero I need to get to 1.

No-code project

I thought I am gonna be a little more excited about this project but as I mentioned in the beginning August was pretty bad from my side. The first a few posts were all right but later I couldn’t write something with better value. Anyway, at least one post got some traction (you can see the first peek).

Goals vs the reality

  • New blog posts: 4 – I could fulfill my goal and I reached the 4 posts limit.
  • Pageviews: 183 – I am not good with setting goals for pageviews haha I was far below my 1000 goal
  • New users: 81 – I couldn’t make my goal 100 but I guess I wasn’t that far. Success πŸ™‚
  • Bounce rate: 77.88 % – Pretty bad bounce rate, people do not hang around my website :/.
  • Subscription to the mailing list: 0 – No one wants into my mailing list :/

Red color everywhere. Not good start of a new project. Not giving up yet.

Goals for the next month

  • New blog posts: 4 – No change here, keep the pace.
  • Pageviews: 300 – Ok I try to go step by step, let’s write down easier steps.
  • New users: 100 – I wasn’t far this month let’s try to break the limit the next one. πŸ™‚
  • Bounce rate: 68 % – It’s easy I need just better content and the bounce rate improve itself.
  • Subscription to the mailing list: 1 – Am I gonna get someone? Will see the next month.

Youtube channel Organized life

In the case of views of new videos, I got so bad. It’s simple the bad content of the Nocodemag articles cannot bring good videos. Otherwise, the stats are not that bad. Let’s see.

Goals vs the reality

  • The number of new videos: 4 – I kept the pace but still didn’t reach my goal of 5.
  • Views: 222 – I improved compared to the previous month but didn’t reach my goal.
  • Watch time 363 minutes – Let’s celebrate I overcome my goal. Hooray.
  • Channel subscribers: 29 – Almost there. I didn’t get to 30 but still good.

Goals for the next month:

  • One video a week is maximum I can do right now.
  • I will try to reach the goal from the previous month of 300 views.
  • The only goal I fulfilled so keep going and reach 400 minutes the next month.
  • Let’s try to reach 40 subscribers.

The affiliate site

It’s unbelievable but this is the most successful project so far. The numbers are growing and the site actually making some money. The only thing I do is to write down a new post once a week. No promo anywhere. All is just an organic source.

Goals vs the reality

  • New post in August: 5 – One post a week succeed
  • New users: 128 – The new users are still growing but I couldn’t make my goal (160)
  • Commissions: 4 – Yes I didn’t write it wrongly. I really got 4 commissions in August. I am so happy about it but definitely didn’t expect that. I doubled my goal πŸ™‚

Goals for the next month:

  • No stress. Let’s take it easy. One post a week is enough.
  • The users are growing I have a feeling it could be even better in September. Lets set the goal for 200 new users.
  • The commissions are nice but I still think it’s more luck than some skill. If I could get 4 the next month I would be more than happy.

Yeah, it’s not easy. Almost all my projects struggling and I couldn’t make much of my goals. As I mentioned the whole month was a hassle even in my personal life so that definitely affect my motivation.

The most important thing is that even I struggled a lot I kept going and didn’t give up. What is great I earn more than the previous month. I am sure I am gonna get done some hard work and will see the bigger results soon πŸ™‚

Don’t hesitate to follow my journey and subscribe to my mailing list. πŸ™‚ HERE πŸ™‚

Stay with me. Emil