August 2020 stats and overview

As one would say. Better late than never.

Another month is a history so here am I with August review.

My side projects keep struggling only ones with regular updates are this blog and my Youtube channel. Nocodemag and Oblibenatricka are a long time without any new posts.

My focus is not on design. I keep uploading on Redbubble and try to get to that first sale. I am not sure if that even happen but I like the process and I wanna improve my Photoshop and Illustrator skills so I do not care that much.

Ok, it’s enough for a little introduction, time to show the numbers…

My blog

OK, back to the crazy low numbers. No wonder this month I upload in random order. I couldn’t focus on my Tuesday schedule.

Thats my focus for September, just get back and finish my year strong.

No-code project

Nocodemag is unbelievable. That’s what happened if you catch the trend. The No code movement is a full swing that’s why my magazine getting visitors even though I do not upload anything. It is still my most successful project.

I do not have any plans with it. Maybe I am gonna upload just some guest posts and keep it flow.

Youtube channel Efran(former Organized life)

Same numbers as last month. I keep uploading my logo design challenge but its gonna end soon. I plan to upload videos about Redbubble. I will see if it’s gonna have some impact.

Finally I gained some new subscribers. The number is amazing 63 :D.

The affiliate site

Yeah, not much to see here. I haven’t been uploading a while. I am just not interested in this project anymore. I am gonna keep it until Christmas and then will see. I could transfer it to some e-commerce site but not sure if I am eager to do that.

Month summary

It’s a side project tragedy. Nothing is really going gone so its nothing to write about. I prolonged my vacation and I am still not able to find the right direction.

Let’s hope for a brighter future and maybe already in the very next report I bring some interesting news.

I wish yourself luck, haha.

Stay tuned. Emil