Back on the guitar track

Okay this post gonna be more as a public commitment than actually valuable information haha.

A few years back I started to play guitar. It was from the blank page. I couldn’t play at all I didn’t have any music background I just wanted to learn something new.

The first years went well I managed to practice every day and I could see the improvement. I would say the beginning of my playing was almost perfect. There were no lazy days I kept going.

Unfortunalty, slowly I got a little bit stuck. The improvement wasn’t so obvious. I didn’t know what to practice, which songs to learn. If I could dig deeper into the music theory or what.

I just stayed in one place and I started to lack and stop learning.

Just from time to time I grabbed my guitar played something but after that didn’t touch the guitar for a long time.

I had some bright moments, for example, my last months in Toronto were super productive in case of playing and as a result of that I posted some fingerstyle melodies on my Instagram account. It doesn’t look so interesting but for me, it was a big step out of my comfort zone.

Anyway after these few moments on the pedestal. I abandoned playing almost in total. My guitars were just laying in the corner of my room and the dust keep pouring them.

.. but this was just a short introduction into my history of guitar playing.

As I mentioned, in the beginning, I would like to make a commitment.

It’s simple, It’s just another 30 days challenge. This time it’s about guitar playing.

So in the next 30 days, I am gonna practice every day. I am gonna keep track of my playing on the Yousician app where I must fulfill my daily goal. I am gonna be also just free play.

I promise 🙂

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Stay with me. Emil.