Back to running

After a lot of lazy months, I got back to running. Due to Covid are the gyms closed so I cannot go to boxing and unfortunately the outsides activities were restricted too so I cannot even play football.

It really sucks and I completely lost interest to do any exercise. Yeah, not very good to build my immune system.

Fortunately, I got back on track a little bit and last two weeks I did go running a few times. I know I do not go regularly but better than nothing.

I am trying a different approach than usual cuz usually I jump straight into some challenge and do it every day. Sometimes it’s good and I keep my new habit even after the challenge but most of the time I give up immediately.

Sometimes it’s just better to start slow and step by step. I wanna keep the running with me for a longer period of time. Go regularly and run them all year long. It doesn’t need to be every week but 4, 5, 6 times a month.

In the end, it’s gonna make a bigger result than just random push through some challenges.

Wish me luck. Emil