Bali Happy New Year 2018

After Christmas came celebration of the New Year 2018.  Here in Bali, we invited new here 7 hours earlier than Europe.  Last year I celebrate at Skyscraper in Toronto. This time by the fire on the beach.

A lot of Czech people from all the houses around gathered on Melasti beach.  What can I say? It was nice, but I didn’t drink much so for me was like every other day. Hahaha, I am sorry that I’m not really enthusiastic about it, but yeah for me it’s not really any special day. I did go to bed around 1 AM 😀 haha. I think last year was the same.

But at least the next day I was kind of fresh. So went to the Gunung Pajung beach just relax and walk around. It was funny cuz locals here like to taking pictures with the white people so at least once in my life I could feel like a superstar. See the pictures. :))

One year past the new year ahead of us. Let’s make it cool, let’s be happy and try something new. I wish you all the best of luck in 2018 and make your dreams and wishes come true. Just enjoy living!:)

This post is going to be followed soon by the year 2017 summary post where I want to somehow summarize all my thoughts and all the things what happened in 2017 and what I expect from the new year 2018. So stay tuned…