Before I leave

I have to manage a few things before I will fly to Canada. The most important thing was got Working visa to Canada. Fortunately, I successfully passed the quota in 2015 for a Working holiday in International Experience Canada program. The quota for the Czech Republic was 1000 seats and you had to be just quick, first come first served (the date was 30th of April 2015 16:00 PM 🙂 ). The whole process contained fill many forms, pay some fees,  provide a criminal record, copy of passport, CV. After three months I finally got Port Of Entry (POE) – Letter of Introduction, actually it’s not the Visa itself but you will get it after the arrival to Canada. This year it’s a little different process. They just randomly choose from the applicants, no more quick clicking. I have to also apply for ETA.

Of course, I had to buy a flight ticket. I bought it through the Czech site (there are many similar sites such as, etc.). It is just a few clicks. One way ticket cost 11000 CZK (460 USD) from Prague to Toronto. (with one stop in Brussels)

I needed travel insurance for a year, I used insurance from Axa assistance česká pojišťovna it cost 8545 CZK (334 USD). It is one of the conditions for getting Visa (I will write more about it in the next post).

I have to book accommodation for the first days. I used it cost for 14 nights 7867 CZK (315 USD)  or you can also book a place in Canadiana backpackers inn hostel. But it will be just for 14 days during that time I hope to find some room for a long-term stay:).

Other things to do :

  • I have to sell my car (my old Fabia has to go, it will be missed 🙁 )
  • I have to manage Power of Attorney for my mum (if she had to deal with something)
  • I have to stop health insurance in the Czech Republic
  • Get an international driving license (it costs just 50 CZK (3USD)
  • Change some Canadian dollars for first days
  • Go to the bank and get internet banking to my mobile phone (I have to get to the account without SMS permission)