Blue Jays game

The main event of this week was that I was at Rogers center for a baseball game Toronto Blue Jays vs Arizona Diamondbacks. I just came back home, but first things first :).

Last Wednesday I visited the Kalyna Rakel concert as I mentioned in the previous post that I am going to go. It took place in the Supermarket in Kensington market. Quite a big club but for the concert was a just smaller salon and there were around 60 people. The entry cost 15 CAD, it is quite a lot but I am always glad if I can support talented musician:).  The concert itself was nice, Kalyna is a great singer and she performed with whole band drums, bass, backup singers, violin and more. It was kind of blues /jazz/pop style. I really liked it!and hope that attend many other concerts :). The songs I liked the most was probably song Fly and single Let me know from her new album. Enjoy!:)

On Saturday I was second-time rock climbing in Rock Oasis. When I was there the first time I had to went through the lesson. They teach me how to put on a harness, how to tie into the safety rope, how to belay (operate the safety device) for your partner and so. For the second time I had to go through the quick check If I didn’t forget how to do it, of course, I forgot a lot but fortunately, they gave me the approval to climb :)). But still I am on some fresher list, so If I will go there again, they check me also. The entry cost 33 CAD, yeah quite a lot, but It is fun and I like it :). If you got good experience don’t look at the money haha :)).

A funny thing happened to me here. One of the roommates moves. So he has to get rid of the lots of stuff. So he asked me if I want his guitar, keyboards, and leather jacket, that he throw it away otherwise. I was like you should sell it or something, but he told me that he has no time for that. Ok so after that I welcomed these new things in my room!:))). So now I have two guitars and keyboards haha. Finally the musician I wanted to be :). My sister is a very good pianist but I have never played more than “kočka leze dírou” but I started to practice on keyboards anyway and it is fun. 🙂 I am using the yousician app so as for guitar, just free version but the thing about to buy the pro version. I think is a really good app to improve yourself. At least you have something to do every day.:)

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post I just came from a baseball game Toronto Blue Jays vs Arizona Diamondbacks. Quick spoiler alert Toronto lost. I think I always bring bad luck for Toronto teams. Leafs lost, Raptors lost (when I watched the game in front of ACC) and now Blue Jays!

The game itself was interesting. Actually, I know the rules just a little but the main things I think I caught :). It was a good show people had fun so with me and that is important.

That was it. This week I got definitely more fun than the previous one. Baseball was awesome, keyboards are awesome, Kalyna was awesome so hopefully, that will continue!:). Keep tuned and read to me next week!