Breakfast routine

Breakfasts are part of my mourning routine already a while ago (exactly 32 days) I started to take pics of my breakfasts. Not really sure why maybe I just thought If I will take a pic of every breakfast I will try to improve my food.

Spoiler alert It hasn’t happened. I had breakfast almost always the same (eggs, some pasty, fruits) still I was able to maintain breakfast every day.

As I mentioned in my morning routine post the breakfast is also my calm time. I try to focus just on the food itself. Do not play with my phone or watch tv. That’s probably the most important part.

I am gonna show you all the pics in this post. Please be aware I didn’t do any big edit its juts honest view of my food.

The gallery is shown chronologically from day one until today morning.

Yeah, some of them do not look really delicious but I promise all of my breakfasts were eatable haha. πŸ™‚

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Stay with me. Emil

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