Challenges Challenges

The end of the month is near. You can look forward to my monthly review but not yet. This is gonna be just regular weekly post :).

I have written already a few posts about some challenges (earning money challenge or no coffee challenge).

It is cuz I wanna test myself and also I like to write about it. Usually and what I prefer the most is to write about the challenge already after I have done it cuz you can already provide some feedback and it’s clear you didn’t give up on the way.


Sometimes it’s needed to make some public commitment before cuz it gives you push and motivation and you just cannot give up.

Cuz I was super lazy past a few weeks I decided to do 30 days running challenge and focus a little bit more on my health and body. I am still in the beginning but this post should be my public commitment.

Sure I dont wanna give up at the end of the challenge I would like to write down a post about it. Show some data, my feelings, if I can see some progress and so.

Also, this is not the only challenge I would like to start in the following weeks I would like to push myself even more with different kind of challenges and sure I am gonna keep you informed about it.

I feel it’s just an interesting process of improving and for me, it’s the best way how to not give up cuz I love if I can cross my calendar day by day.

Wish me luck. πŸ™‚

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Stay with me. Emil

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