Christmas are coming

Yes, Christmas time is here. All the shopping centers are crowded and people buying stuff like crazy. I think its much crazier than in Europe. People have here more money or the loans advertising works better here :)). Of course, it’s not just about buying stuff but the Christmas atmosphere. Streets and houses are getting to be decorated.

You can hear Christmas songs from everywhere and the weather is helping as well because last days was quite a heavy snowing in Toronto, so everything is under the white layer. Have to say that I can feel the right North American Christmas. 🙂 Here photo of Christmas tree in Toronto Eaton Center (biggest shopping mall in Toronto) and one smaller one from North York Center.

Like I mentioned in the previous post. My sister is going to visit me here so don’t be alone during the Christmas time which is good!:) Hope she doesn’t expect any presents because I don’t have any money now. My financial situation is still bad and at the worst time. Probably will not start saving more in the following weeks :)).

So let’s look where my money disappearing… This week was the biggest match for Torontian soccer team Toronto FC. They got to MLS cup finals against Seattle Sounders. We had a really good evening with my friends Kazu and Flo before the match we went to German/Canadian restaurant WVRST for some typical German wurst!:) It was really delicious even it is just sausage. The restaurant is really nice. After that, we watched the match in a sports bar Hurricane close to our house in Bloor street. You don’t have to even guess who won. Of course always when I am watching the Torontian team they lost so as Toronto FC, I am sorry guys, but this time it was close, they lost after penalties.

Sometimes I like to eat good breakfast and sometimes I am really lazy to wake up early. So its usually ends with breakfast lunch a.k.a Brunch, which is by the way really popular meal here in Toronto, especially on the weekends almost every restaurant offer brunch menu. Last week I went to local franchise eggsmart. If you want something fast, cheap and actually really good, don’t be afraid to try it!

If you want to try something really really a delicious visit a Starving artist and eat their waffles, I have already been there once, but my “second time” this week I really enjoyed.

If I am lazy to cook and don’t want to go too far from my house. I enjoy everytime curry at Thai Green Chilli.

And the food which always saves me, if I don’t have money and need to eat something cheap and good its pizza from 241 pizza. (every Tuesday pizza + can of pop for 2.5 CAD!:))

Following posts will be probably about Christmas as well. Hope you will not get bored, but let’s enjoy Christmas time together haha!:)

Keep tuned on my blogging and read me next week!