Christmas time

So the year is about to end. Time to enjoy Christmas and prepare for the new year.

As you could see, my writing hasn’t been recently very regular but still, I could somehow manage to fulfill my post limit.

These days I am speding with my family and enjoying the holidays spirit.

What could you expect on this blog following days?

The last post of the year is gonna be probably about books I was pushing my reading until the edge cuz I was chasing my 2020 goal. To my surprise, I will probably make it so I wanna write some reviews and book tips for you. Which book I liked the most in 2020.

Right at the begging of the new year I would like to bring refular month report which is gonnab e followed by the whole 2020 year review.

I haven’t started writing yet but sure I would like to bring it for you as soon as possible.

That’s it for today I am not gonna write more spoilers but I think the following post will be very interesting. 🙂

I wish you Merry Christmas.

Enjoy the last few days of 2020.

Stay tuned. Emil.