Content creator

I like this name. I feel I wanna be one. The content creator.

I make videos. I write blog posts. I do graphic design. Am I meant to be a content creator?

I was thinking about it. I would love to. Its just who I am.

I do not have any speciality. I am not very interesting person. I am not an expert in a specific field.

Am I able to bring something new on the table? Am I able to make people want seeing more from me?

In my mind I can do it. I even visualize the success but what about the reality?

To be honest it must be a long-term goal. I need to stick with it for a while and decide later. Right now I cannot see any big growth. Am I a failure? Who knows.

I still can defend my endeavor. I am at the beginning of my journey. I need to make content. I need to learn. I need to get a lot of feedback. I need to improve. I need to work hard. I need to bring what people want. I need some time.

I should have some deadlines for sure. I need to fulfill some of my goals. The subscriber’s number? The views? The number of video uploads? Step by step. Stick on my journey. Hang around. Just stay focused for a while. The decision will be made later.

I am confident about some kind of progress but will it be enough?


If I will say it loud and proud. Will it happen?


Wish me a luck. Emil