Covid 19 – Lockdown

This is still a personal blog and what is affecting all us right now is the Coronavirus pandemic. I care about the situation and I am a little worried.

So I need to write a few words about the current situation. Just get out my thoughts and summarize what is going on.

Please be aware this is just my personal opinion. I am not a doctor. So all the info in the post is just what is my common sense telling me.

This situation probably affecting me more cuz I share my apartment with my mom and she is not in great health shape. If she would get the Covid virus I do not even wanna think what would happen.

Anyway, our government of the Czech Republic is doing pretty strict restrictions since the beginning and I really appreciate it.

Right now we have a complete lockdown. Sure there is plenty of exception but many people just do not leave their homes. It is also my case.

I can work from home, I did a lot of grocery shopping in advance so I can stay comfortably at home for at least a week. I just do not wanna risk anything. As I mentioned I am not worried about myself but about my mom.

To be honest, the most rational thing to do, if I would be living alone, would be to get the coronavirus as soon as possible. I am pretty young and strong so I would expect the mild progress of the sickness if there would be some complications I could go to the hospital where I would get the maximum care cuz the pandemic didn’t hit our country with the strongest power yet. Sure the things are gonna get worse by the time.

Anyway, I am not gonna do it and I am not saying it’s the right thing to do, it is just a kinda rational way how to think about the Covid-19 virus.

So today is my fourth day of self-quarantine. So far is so good. I cook for myself and actually, do not mind that much. I am used to sitting in front of my computer.

People are good

I know it’s still just the beginning and everything can change quickly but so far most of the people trying to survive together and helping each other as much as they can.

Do groceries for older people, walk out the dogs, sew protective masks and distributes across people in need, making websites with a lot of important information and so. It is simply awesome. We can really stick together in hard times.

Few things how to behave in this corona situation

I know I know. Everyone is saying the same but I think better to say everything one more time. This is how I see the situation and what all should do to keep the virus transfer slow. The most important thing to do is to slow the spread because of the hospitals. They must just keep their vacancies low and spread sick people across time.

Wash your hands slowly and properly. Always if you go out and back do not forget to wash your hands. Also do not forget to use some hand cream cuz after a while your hands get pretty dry cuz of the soap (my experience)

Do not use your smartphone outside. This one is very tricky but on the smartphone surface can the virus survive pretty long and as we are using it all the time it is pretty dangerous. So better to keep your phone at home (properly cleaned) and use it safely just after you wash your hands.

Do not go get tested or bother medics if you have mild conditions of the sickness. Just stay home in quarantine, drink a lot of water, and do not spread the virus. The medics will focus on serious cases and can save more lives.

Cover your mouth and nose with the face protection mask. If you go outside always use something to cover your face. If you do not have one just made some. There are many DIY videos on how to it and it is super simple. Or use just some scarf.

Protect the elders. As I mention I am worried about my mom. Do the same for your older relatives. It is the most affected group. Protect them and help them as much as you can.

Please do not underestimate the coronavirus. I know it’s a crazy time. Our freedom is restricted and it is a very uncomfortable situation. It has never happened in our lives and modern society is not used to it but please take care of yourself and take care of your folks. Just follow the government’s orders and do not be the “take it easy” guy. It is a serious situation.

Do not shake your hands. Yeah, try to find another way how to say “Hi”. Wink to each other or just verbally say “Hi”. It’s not that hard :).

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Stay safe. Emil

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