December 2019 stats and overview

I cannot miss the regular monthly overview. It happened it the same day as the usual post.

Nothing much happened. I didn’t work on my side projects. Anyway, I cannot miss the line on the last day of the year right?!

I will show you the basic overview but “spoiler alert” you can look forward to a much bigger yearly overview next week.

But first things first. Let’s see how my projects are going.

My blog

Somehow there was a big spike of new users. I would say its gonna be again some SPAM. The pageviews are super low and there is no positive curve.

What can I say? It is a disaster. To be honest, I didn’t bring any valuable content as I promised the last month. So no wonder. Let’s see the stats.

The metrics I am focusing on:

  • New blog posts in December: 6 (counting this one) – I keep my schedule (once I was one day late). Otherwise all good but that’s the only positive thing about my personal blog
  • Pageviews: 172 – Pageviews are back in the low standard. Noone browsing through my blog :/
  • New users: 91 – Big spike in case of users. I like it but who are these guys?SPAM?. I don’t care. It still counts :D.
  • Subscription to my mailing list: 0 – No changes here.

Goals for the next month

  • New post every Tuesday. Keep my schedule. And one big goal is to write my Yearly overview It could be an interesting post in January.
  • 200 pageviews. No words needed.
  • 100 new users – I will see if there is someone who is interested in my blog.
  • As I said the last month. First I need to grow the website then think about some subscribers.

No-code project

The Nocodemag is a miracle of one article. You can see how important it is to write interesting and trendy posts. My Coda vs Notion post bringing almost all the audience and even though I didn’t touch it many months it’s steady.

The numbers are almost the same as the last month’s 280 new users and 359 pageviews.

I wish I could find my passion. Please come to me in 2020.

Goals for the next month

Stop lying to myself and you haha. I am not sure if I am gonna work on this project.

Is anyone interested in Nocodemag? I could sell this project.

Youtube channel Organized life

Without any new content I cannot expect my channel would grow. What is surprising it is still steady. The reason is the same as with the Nocodemag. The Coda vs Notion video really hit a trend and people watching it even though it sucks.

I hate myself I stopped recording new videos but I am still happy about this whole experience. I couldn’t imagine I would ever record something to Youtube even though it’s just my voice but my comfort zone was crossed hugely.

I am not sure if with this channel but I would like to try something new on Youtube in 2020. Wish me luck.

The Organized Life channel numbers are 53 subscribers. I reached 199 views and 6.7 hours of watch time in December. Not bad.

Goals for the next month:

… Think and think and think. Do not give up Emil. Bring some new ideas into life and continue recording. Please.

The affiliate site

I am not gonna lie. The statistics are pretty bad. I expected that December gonna be the best month. Christmas came and people were buying like crazy. Unfortunately, my website didn’t cross their ways.

I was really disappointed. I hoped and actually I was pretty optimistic because of my stats from previous months. A miracle didn’t happen. See the stats.

Goals vs the reality

  • New post in November: 3 – I brought just 3 new posts. I couldn’t make the schedule the first time in history. Like I didn’t see the results the motivation was gone.
  • New users: 165 – the numbers should be much hight I couldn’t be happy about this result
  • Commissions: 2 – One of the biggest disappointments in the history of my side projects. I felt that this site can bring me finally some money. Unfortunately, it hasn’t happened. I cry.

Goals for the next month:

I am not gonna set any goals for the next month. I keep this project going but probably I take a break for a few weeks. I need to figure out how to continue.

Maybe I will add up some new designs of mine. Maybe I will do some Print on Demand. Not really sure. The decision has to be made.

Monthly Summary

There is nothing much to say. The numbers are pretty bad. No progress at all across all my projects. Yeah, I hoped these reports gonna motivate me more and I am gonna work harder.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t make it happen. I was lazy, bored. I couldn’t achieve anything positive.

But bad experience is also an experience. I hope this failure can show me somehow the way.

Something worked. So the most important is to focus on these little wins and make something big next time.

Wish me luck. πŸ™‚

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Stay with me. Emil