December 2020 stats and overview

It’s a new year and I owe you last month’s review. It’s not gonna be long cuz I will go deeper in the year review post which should follow very soon.

Let’s just check the basic stats.

My blog

Every month it’s almost always the same. I lost the schedule but in total, I could keep the count. Better and regular content is key.

No-code project

I wish I could sell this project. It has a lot of potentials but I just totally lost interest to work on it. If you wanna buy this just let me know!

Youtube channel Efran(former Organized life)

I didn’t upload any video. We are on hold. I didn’t lose hope for my youtube career but I just need to find the right direction. Maybe do the videos in Czech?!

The affiliate site

The numbers are not that great but this project could bring some money to the table. Sure it’s due to Christmas time but I do not complain. Since the beginning of the year, this project could at least pay the hosting and domain fee.

Month summary

If nothing I am happy I could bring you these stats every month. I wish I would work more on my projects but I wasn’t able to force myself.

I really need to rethink my endeavors. Maybe give up on some projects but bring something bigger with full force and focus. All in or nothing.

Stay tuned. Emil

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