Dentist + travel insurance

As I already informed you in this and this post. I had to visit the dentist here in Toronto. Finally, from yesterday, I hope is all the story behind me. They did make just new filling in the end. I am glad because of that because they also scared me with extraction or some other things which be definitely cost a lot.

Like every time by the dentist, I really didn’t enjoy that time. They tortured me over an hour and a half and didn’t look really confident. The dentist always was saying that it’s challenging for him.. Hmm you don’t want to hear this sentence!!:)). But eventually, he made it. Hope the new filling stays in place for a while!

Communication with the insurance company was smooth so far. I am insured by Česká pojišťovna. I communicated with the assistance company by email. I let them know right after my problem with tooth started. They asked me if I want to find the dentist by myself or they settle me an appointment through her branch in Canada. I choose the second option and next week I went to the dentist for the first time. (also they asked a few more question like when I was for the last time by dentist in Czech, which tooth hurts, what happened with the tooth when it happened and so). At the first appointment, the dentist could do just the x-ray to find out what is going on.

Only then probably the insurance company approved the next steps. But the next appointment by a dentist I settled right away. Also, the assistance company contacted me after every appointment (by email) and they wanted to know what the dentist did and what recommended me to do with the tooth. I didn’t pay anything so far, everything went through the insurance company but I know that I have limit 900 CAD dollars so probably if all the things they did to me would cost over that amount I would have to pay but I don’t know yet. Let you know if they let me know!:)

Fortunately, this week wasn’t just the dentist! I always trying to find a good and interesting restaurant. This week I was in an Indian restaurant Banjara near Christie Pits park. It was again really good!:)

Also, I was two times in the cinema. But the first one was a little bit different. Every Sunday in Christie Pits park it takes place free outdoor cinema. They were screening the old classic Truman show. I haven’t seen it before. The weather was good, the atmosphere was good, the movie was great. Really good Sunday experience, hope will visit it again.

The second was regular cineplex in Dundas square. I have watched the suicide squat with coworkers from Aroma. I really wanted to see this movie, because the trailers looked promising, but have to say, that the movie disappointed me. Probably you can watch just the trailers because there is the best in the movie. The story is stupid, so it was really boring. One good thing is just the soundtrack (which is really great). But definitely, don’t recommend to go to the cinema. You can wait till they release it for Netflix :).

That was in next week is gone. By the way still going to street work out every morning (9-day streak :)) hope will endure at least a few more days!

Keep tuned on my blogging and read me next week!