Direct promotion

It’s funny how hard it is to promote your own project. I mean it’s not hard in case of hard work but in case of your comfort zone.

If you start a new project no one magically starts using it. You need to promote it and where to find the first audience? It’s simple! Ask your friends and family.

There is no secret. Who else should support you? They want to help you, they like you and they can always tell you the valuable feedback honest without messing around.

In the real-world, this step is so hard. I am super cautious about my project and I never want to bother anyone. I do not feel confident enough, I am afraid of what people say and so on.

I can feel a weird feeling with my newsletter project. Even just simple direct message on Facebook to my friends where I am asking them to subscribe doesn’t make feel good. I hate it.

But this feeling must go away. If I need to have the success I just need to show my work. Listen to the feedback, endure the hate but listen to it and improve my product.

It’s the easiest way how to how to get better step by step.

Stay tuned. Emil