Don’t give up

The trust in your endeavors slowly fading. You hustle on the internet for quite a long already but there are no results. People around you doubt. How can you live a fulfilled life, how can you stand up for yourself, how can you win the game.

I do not have the answers. I keep struggling. I am losing life between my fingers … still I hope for success. I do not need much. I need just a little traction. Little hope, little something to show the world I can make it.

It’s not just for them, of course. Actually, I do not really care what others think but I need it for myself. I am not bulletproof. I cannot lie to myself for much longer. I need to see that something is going on. I go forward. I go somewhere. I know I have the ability. I know there is a space for Emil. I know there are people who would listen to me.

Patiency and consistency are the keys. How long should I wait?

Will see! 🙂

Stay tuned. Emil