Earning One dollar in the next 30 days (challenge)

Setting goals, for sure, is not the best thing to do. Anyway, the past week I decided to set one. I want to earn one dollar in the next 30 days with freelance work or side project.

One dollar, WHY? It’s too simple!.. or not?

First things first. I choose a low limit cuz I wanted to make it doable (still it’s already a week and I didn’t accomplish my goal). I don’t want setting six figures sums which would stay just in my dreams forever I even tried once to set a bigger goal but as you can guess I still wasn’t able to make it. So that’s why I wanna start low. After (if) I will make it I can higher the board line.

The other reason is that I wanna push things forward. Last few weeks I got stuck a little. I did just what was needed. Not much else. So this challenge should give me some power to actually doing something. It’s even kinda public commitment and it should keep me motivated.

As I mentioned I haven’t earned a dollar yet so the challenge keeps continuing. Maybe I wouldn’t be able even to make it, who knows. Challenge is a challenge I’m not planning to give up easily πŸ™‚

The rules

Let’s set some rules. It cannot be any 1 dollar. My full-time daily job sure cannot count (betting wins or win in the lottery also doesn’t count hehe). So it is simple.

  • It can be from a freelance gig,
  • commissions from my affiliate site,
  • side projects (so far just this blog or youtube channel) or if I would come with a completely new project in the next 30 days.

Step by step to be free and independent. I have to start somehow if I wanna take it seriously.

My options to earn something

Yes, the question is How I can earn the dollar. Let’s look further to my options.

  • WordPress gigs – Installation, setup, easy website creation, consultation, database setup
  • Easy design gigs – I am not so skilled, but I can do a little graphic design, banners, fliers, etc. in photoshop or Canva.
  • Copywriting gigs – Actually, I haven’t do any paid job with copywriting, but as I am writing a lot recently, why not to try it. (In my native tongue).
  • Affiliate commission – Simple if someone buys something through my affiliate site I would get a commission. Probably the easiest way in case of comfort but hard to actually get it.
  • Side projects earnings – everything how can I monetize – ads, paid posts, sponsoring, subscription, etc.

Other stuff

The post on my affiliate site was more specific this time and I tried to target just specific viral meme (personally, I haven’t known about before). No success yet. No commission since the renewing of the website but I take it easy. What happens happens. πŸ™‚

I made a regular youtube video on my channel Organized life. This time I am talking about How to use prefixes in Coda to make your text stand out with colorful background. See the video below. I am still having fun to make it so hopefully will continue with it. I have already 8 subscribers, my fame is growing hehe.

Recently I have read some tips about Youtube marketing and once a while I would like to try some techniques on how to grow my audience. For me, it is a wholly new experience all this Youtube thingy, will see how it will continue. Sure will keep you informed how my channel is going.

I would like to have this other stuff in my regular newsletter instead of posts. But so far I don’t have any subscribers so it’s kinda pointless hehe. Hopefully in the future. πŸ™‚

I have started to read the book Everything is F*cked by Mark Manson. I liked a lot his previous book The Art of not giving F*ck. So it was sure a choice for me. It is a little more complicated to read but still good. Hopefully, it stays good until the end.

It’s all for today. Wish me luck with the challenge sure I will keep you informed.

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Stay with me. Emil.