Everybody is leaving

The sad thing about working holiday experience is that you are meeting during the year many people, new friends .. but in the end, everybody gonna leave. Eventually I gonna leave too, but first, I have to endure the leaving of the others. This week are leaving two coworkers who have been in Aroma since the beginning like me.

We did go for dinner to a Korean grill house. I have never been to a restaurant like that before. You get all kinds of meat and then you grill it by yourself on the grill on the table in front of you. It was really delicious. It was all you can eat, but we gave up after two rounds of coming meat. 🙂

Yesterday I met my friend and she showed me two cool bars on College street. In both of them played live music. So I really enjoyed the night.

This week was sad, I am not really in the mood to write much. It wasn’t just about leaving friends from Aroma, but I went through the break up as well. Life is life, sometimes you are happy and the other day everything goes another way. I don’t regret anything, because, without love or at least without trying to love somebody, our life would be much worst. My heart is broken now, but it’s gonna be good. I am not giving up on love .. I would never do that.

Keep tuned on my blogging and read me next week.


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