Experimenting with the Most dangerous writing app

The second post in two days. Yes I cannot miss my scheduled Tuesday post.

Cuz of recommendation some of fellow writers in 200wordsaday.com (thank you Julia:)) I discovered this crazy app.

The Most dangerous writing app

I haven’t known about it before but it kinda got my attention and I had to try it.

The principle is simple. You can set word count or time limit and until you meet the quota you cannot stop writing otherwise all the progress gets lost.

If you take rest for a while the words starting to be blurred and you now you seconds before to lose the game (your words fall into the void).

I haven’t used it for longer posts but it’s perfect for my daily 200 words a day post. No time wasted .. just pure writing.

Must say that my words coming out in a hurry are pretty deep. Probably the thoughts from all the self-help book I have read just popping into my mind.

So all the posts are full of deep thoughts I wouldn’t probably write without the pressure.

Anyway, I could enjoy it a lot. The hassle with the 200 words post just disappeared and you do it in a few minutes.

If you would be interested in what I did write under the pressure. You can see all the post here, here, here, here and here. πŸ™‚

One last confession actually even though you couldn’t make the limit your words aren’t quite lost. You can still export is into the pdf or txt … So you can relax a little bit more .. πŸ™‚

Definitely, recommend using if you got stuck with the flow and need to do a little kick off of your thoughts.

Here is the link: The Most dangerous writing app

Other stuff

I played a little bit with my youtube channel. Tried to give some design and style. I have seen a lot of video about how to improve your channel. Hopefully, its gonna have some effect.

My new video is more talkative than I would actually showing some Docs.

Thinking about a new project. Will keep you informed about that. Not sure if I will start but I already bought a domain and hosting. So I should start haha. You just need to wait until next week (maybe longer) if I say more I do not feel confident talking about t now. hehe.

Okay that’s for today.

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Stay with me. Emil