Exploring Coda – no code tool for makers

The past week I ‘ve been sick and still, I am.

Anyway, the first few days I couldn’t do anything cuz of my sickness. Fortunately, it got better a little bit so I could at least exploring the making shaking community.

I discovered the Coda tool cuz of the Makers festival 2019 running on Product Hunt which is supported by Coda. The no-code tool for makers. It’s excel/ google docs but you can make apps there without using a code, you need just easy formulas.

So far I am very excited. It’s super simple and you can start making almost immiadately just log in into the Coda.

It’s perfect for pre-MVP of your product. You can just write down your thoughts to make a simple version of it and show it to the world. Collect some feedback, e-mails and according to the interest move forward with the project or just try something else.

So far I haven’t come with some public idea so I am working on a private project for my family. My mom is pretty sick and keeps track of her doctor appointments, actual medical reports, pills she is taking and why it’s a big struggle. So I would like to make just an easy summary with all the information which we could share across the family. Nothing big but for us very useful.

I made a super simple version of it already, now I just go through other projects and looking for features I could use. Hopefully will finish soon, just need to convince my siblings to use it hehe.

I am happy I already started with something. The making-shaking journey it is not so easy how it looks. Many people coming with similar ideas, many people coming with amazing ideas, many of them are advanced coders (even though they try to convince the public they are not haha) so dive into this movement with something at least a little useful and not super stupid is pretty hard (I know again making excuses haha). But it is what it is. I will try I promise! πŸ˜€

I fell in love with the idea to collect some data in advance and on the collected database built the project after. You get some tracktion and you are much more motivated if you see there is some interest in your project.

Anyway, this was just a little update of what is going through my mind right now. I would like to begin with one post per week again. It is gonna motivated me to do something cuz every week I need to share some news with you.:)

So let’s say – starting next week EVERY TUESDAY you can find a NEW POST here and follow my making-shaking journey.

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Wish me luck.

Stay with me. Efran.