Exploring Notion – tool to organize your life and other stuff

The last post was about Coda. Almost at the same time as Coda, I discovered Notion. It looks pretty similar to Coda but it’s a little easier to work with. You can manage there all your stuff. Running projects, calendar, to-do lists, and many more.

I am thinking to use it for my personal projects but I also suggested this tool to my boss to use it in our company. I didn’t dive in with full power to Notion but watching just some youtube videos on how to use the Notion the best way.

I will probably start using it personally, will see if it’s good and then move for the company profile. I will try to share some of my templates later if I will get into it more.

Other stuff:

I started reading a book by Greg McKeown called Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less … Its really nice one. Recently I didn’t read at all so its good to be back on track. I should read more but not just the self/help books but the classics as well.

I didnt finish my heatlhy report app in Coda, I just didnt feel it, or just being lazy?

I don’t know if I mentioned it but every day I am writing down 10 ideas (10ideas/per day) to my paper notebook Its technique which supports James Altucher. It’s one of my best enjoyable habits. It can be anything that comes to your mind even the stupid things (to be honest it’s mostly stupid hehe)

I need a new notebook. My super small netbook by Lenovo is simply not enough anymore. I already started to search, but I am not sure which way I should go. I am thinking about Lenovo ThinkPad but which model I don’t know. I wouldn’t go probably with Mac… Any Ideas?

I am still continuing with a writing habit. Every day I write at least 200 words on 200wordsaday.com and tomorrow it’s gonna be already 100 days in a row. I am keeping my streak. Hoooray. Time to celebrate hehe.

After my sickness, I still don’t feel all right. I finished the antibiotics and since then I am having headaches. I hope it will get better soon. Maybe it’s the reason I didn’t move with any project.

Offline project?

Actually, I got one idea during the week but its more an offline project. I came with the Tea line. The idea came to my mind when I got stuck with picking tea at the local grocery store. I didn’t want to buy classic tea (herbal, fruity or black) I just wanted some with nice name and design but I just couldn’t find any. (I know it was just a basic supermarket but still). All the names were boring and all the packaging the same. I like the raw humor and simple design. I came up with a quick mockup. See below (I am not a designer so please apologize for my poor design hehe).

The idea is to have a tea for better sleeping “sweet dreams”, to get calm “no stress” and to cheer you up “Awesome day”. These are just first thïngs I could think of. Sure I would have to brainstorm more hehe. It could be a good gift or simple just funny starter for conversation in the morning or at 5(if your are from England) hehe.

I don’t know how should I validate my idea, I think it would be a fun project but I don’t have any experience with the tea industry hehe.

What do you think?

Anyway, I am happy the ideas keep coming to my mind and someday I will execute something hehe!:)

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Stay with me. Emil.