Extending my stay in Canada

Like I mentioned in this post, on my comeback I got a visa just till 3rd of July, but because I am still liking Toronto so I decided to stay a little bit longer, I guess this is the last extension, but you never know :). So what I had to do.

So what I had to do. First of all, I got to the Government of Canada website and got some information. I thought that I had to do some interviews. But how I found out everything goes online.  I created a profile and then just applied for visitors’ visa extension. You need to fill some form, provide a picture, a copy of your passport, funds and optional is a letter of explanation, in the end, pay fee 100 CAD. I did everything and now I have to just wait.

The processing time, which is shown also on the website is around 90 days. For that time I am in “implied status” which means that I can still stay Canada till I will get the decision and it doesn’t matter if they, in the end, decline my application, so yeah I got some time. But it can happen that they let me know earlier and I would have to leave. I will see:), for now, I am staying.

The main reason because I am in Toronto is to have some fun and I do like sports. I have been once again in Rogers Center to see Toronto Blue Jays, this time they faced again Baltimore Orioles. I have been to watch baseball already two times, but I had always tickets to high sectors, so I couldn’t really enjoy the game, but this time I bought really good tickets to the low sector, right by the baseball field, have to say its complete different experience. Definitely, recommend to buy better seats, you can enjoy the game much more.