Facelift of Worktravelenjoy.com

Heya. Another weekly post is here. Unbelivable I am still keeping the pace πŸ™‚

So let’s dive in. The past week I didn’t work much on my Coda project I was being a little lazy and adding the data (my ideas from February till half of April) is pretty time consuming and boring. So I got stuck a little bit. I plan to record another video on my channel. Brian Ball from 200WaD gave me some ideas. Hopefully until the end of this week. I promise hehe. The OrganizedLife channel on Youtube must grow :).

Anyway, I wasn’t that lazy. This week I have been working on a little facelift for this personal blog. I didn’t change the template (I am using Senses lite by Shapedpixels if you would wonder). But I did some color changes and tried to do everything a little more readable. It’s not perfect yet. Some of the changes are just for the desktop and on mobile, it is still the same but I promise I will adjust it even there.

A little tech info about the process. I think I know WordPress well but I am not coder, I can do just slightly changes. Every time you do templates changes you should use a Child theme (copy of your theme which is on the top of it). Its cuz of the theme updates if you do the changes directly you would lose everything after every update. Do not ever think about not updating your themes or plugins it’s crucial for the security of your site!!!

Anyway, on this blog, I am a little lazy … yeah, a big confession haha. So for the style changes, I use just the Additional CSS box in customized part it’s not ideal but enough (you don’t lose these changes after update). IF I would make code changes I would definitely use Child Theme!

So let’s go trough the changes and why I think it could be better.

First of all, I changed the header banner. I liked the pic of the Manhattan (it was taken the first time I have been to New York 2015 or 2016 I guess, btw I LOVE NEW YORK), but it didn’t really fit with the content and the topic of this blog. Instead of that, I put a pic of me in front of the graffiti (this pic was taken in Osaka, Japan by my friend). This blog is personal, about my life, my thoughts, my work, and struggles. So no more hiding lets put my face on the front page haha. I really like the colors of this pic I would like to use this color scheme across all the website. It is still a work in progress.

I adjust the color of the background. In the previous version, everything was the same and kinda boring. So I darkened a little the overall page background and make the color of the post white. It could stand out much more now and be more readable. This blog is about the words which must be easy to read :).

I changed the logo. I wanted to make a completely new one (maybe I will still do) but for now, I just make it all white. I think it fits much better now to the header image).

I will try to make all the new posts more nicely formatted. With the pics and blocks and galleries, You can see it already in the last one. I wanna do as much as possible to have a simple and clean look of my posts.

The banner image is shown just on the front page. Yes, it takes quite a time to find a good banner and after that, I keep it just on the front page hehe. I think it should be there to kinda identify the site and the branding but for the other sites, it’s not necessary and I like the cleanness of the look. It’s minimalistic and I think it looks awesome.

I got rid of social share plugins. The Instagram feed and others. It was slowing the site too much and I think it doesn’t need to be here. I put my Instagram and Twitter account to about me page and I guess it’s enough. With the plugins, in general, it’s a big hassle. The goals should be used as less as possible. I made a new page here where you can see which plugins are used on this site. Feel free to check it out. It’s still kinda a lot but like I said I am not a coder but I will try to reduce it or at least not add much more.

Do you like the changes or should I try something else? Let me know πŸ™‚

Its everything for today. Wait for the next week for another post. If you don’t wanna miss it subscribe to my mailing list. πŸ™‚

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Stay with me. Emil.