Fantastic beasts

Yesterday I went finally to watch the new movie from “harry potter” magic world Fantastic beasts and where to find them. We went with coworkers from Aroma and it was a great night. Tuesdays are always cheaper and this time we went to VIP screening, comfortable seats, you can drink and eat during the watching and so.

We got also a group discount so the ticket cost 14 dollars which is pretty good. The movie itself was pretty good, a little bit harder to understand for me, but think that I got almost everything. I read, of course, all the Harry Potter books so I looked forward to seeing another movie from his world. The effects are great the beasts too and it looks like they won’t be just one movie and the series will continue. I liked it a lot, but have to say that my expectations weren’t high before so I was surprised how good it was :). Recommend to watch it!

After the movie we went to Pub/bar I immediately fell in love, I don’t remember the name, but I think its called “library” its close to the Dundas square. Its old bar and professors and students from the universities meeting there. Its really cozy space, with actual libraries around, comfortable sofas, pool, table football. I really can imagine how I am reading a book there and talking with other students.

This week was also Black Friday, that means a lot of discounts and crazy people everywhere. I looked at the shopping mall in Markham and Scarborough, just check it out if there would be something interesting, but in the end, i didn’t buy anything. The deals for me wasn’t that good, I am still counting on Czech crowns so it’s still quite expensive for me. But it was good to see how buying stuff like crazy. On the way to Scarborough, I rode by subway line number 3, it’s interesting that it’s more like regular train above the ground.

Weeks passing by and I have to really start thinking about what next after Canada, will see. 🙂

Keep tuned and read to me next week!:)