Far from my personal goals

To be honest, in the best case I wouldn’t like to write this post. Unfortunately, it is what it is.

In July I set some goals. The motivation kicked me and I wrote on a blank paper. What I would like to achieve at a certain time.

The deadline is the first of February 2020. (not much time left)

That’s why I would like to write this post also like a little push on my finish line even though it’s still unreal.

I set the amount of money I would like to earn through my side projects and some amount I would like to save on my bank account (it’s the only part which I maybe gonna be able to make).

The whole purpose of this was simple to just get motivated and move my ass. I wrote it down in a time when I started with the Nocodemag project. So I was hoping that that can be the deal-breaker and I can actually make it happen.

Yeah, the motivation didn’t hold for long. I abandoned the project almost immediately and I couldn’t bring up another idea. So the only side project which making some money is just the affiliate site but its nothing. I set really challenging goals.

The New Year is coming and I am not giving up about my dreams. I still feel I can make it somehow. With the right project and the right motivation, I can work hard. THe paths just haven’t met yet.

It’s gonna happen soon. I know. πŸ™‚

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Stay with me. Emil