February 2021 stats and overview

Yeah, February is behind us. I didn’t even realize that and almost forgot about my overview post.

I am all in on my Youtube channel. It has a new name again. It fits more with the goal of my tries. It wasn’t an easy change but I am stepping out of my comfort zone more and more. Once you get it rolling it’s hard to stop.

I write scripts, record, edit, and keep thinking about the videos. Long time I wasn’t focused that much. I hope I am gonna be able to overcome the downs and will not stop anytime soon.

Let’s see the statistics.

My blog Worktravelenjoy.com

My personal blog is probably the worst website on the internet. No one is going here and no one cares :). Still, it’s the longest-lasting project of mine. I will not abandon this love cuz it’s just my pleasure. I do not write here for fame. I do have other projects for it (hopefully :D).

Youtube channel Hrdy plesoun (former Efran)

I am happy I can see the numbers go up. I put a lot of effort into my channel. I was able to upload 4 new videos. My current number of subscribers is 68 (I gained 6 subscribers since January).

I hoped for more traction but the Youtube is hard you can never expect anything. I need to stay focused and try to be patient. I still have ideas for new videos so that’s all good.

I need to stay consistent and bring quality content. Rebranding the channel was necessary. I needed to identify the brand and just go for it. Now it’s no time to go back.

If I will be able to bring at least one video a week and keep going for few months I believe the numbers get higher.

Month summary

Video, video, and video. I keep thinking just about Youtube. How to edit better, how to tell stories better, how to make better videos in general. It’s not an easy job but I do not plan to give up.

Thank you for reading and see you next week. 🙂

Stay tuned. Emil