Recent two years I traveled a lot haha so, of course, I have experience with a lot of airlines around the world. Usually low-cost airlines Sometimes I traveled with checked baggage sometimes with just carry on, sometimes with a guitar.

So now I would like to write down my experience with each airline and how much were the expenses for the fees. I usually use for buying ticket Kiwi.com and the first thing I watch is, of course, the price, but sometimes it’s better to buy a more expensive ticket with included checked baggage cuz you can pay a lot at the airport for that.

Especially with low-cost airlines. So here are my experiences. Hopefully, this list is going to grow and definitely don’t hesitate to contact me if you have some of your own tips.

You can use the contact form here.:) Of course you can get all the information directly on airlines websites but sometimes its good to know some personal info :). I called this site FeeMate. Cuz it should be your mate helping you with baggage fees and to get to know some information about airlines itself :). Hope it helps.


My last flights from Asia were with Aeroflot. After a long time, I used regular airlines so I could enjoy again movies and food service on the plane. The baggage fee limit is pretty usual up to 23kg for checked baggage and up to 10kg for carry-on. This is free of charge for the economy class. I didn’t have checked baggage so I cared just about carry-on limit but nobody actually controlled my bag:). Everything went well almost until the end of the first flight. But then started the problems.

We couldn’t land because of the snowstorm. Our pilot tried twice but without any success, pretty scary experience. After that, we landed at another airport we waited in the airplane for over 2 hours and then took off again and finally landed at the right airport. Instead of 9 hours on the plane, we stayed 14 hours.

I have to say that last hours everybody was pretty nervous and the service didn’t work well. I missed, of course, my connecting flight so I needed to rebook it. At the airport, you couldn’t get much information and the stuff wasn’t really empathic.

First rebooked flight was canceled so eventually I got home with the second rebooked flight. I stayed at the airport for over 13 hours. I got meal vouchers but I didn’t even try to get hotel cuz it looked impossible like everybody tried to get one so I just tried to sleep and chill somewhere on the floor. In the end, the flight to Prague was delayed about an hour cuz some small technical problem. Very exhausting and definitely one of my worse experience with flying. I cannot really recommend Aeroflot.

More info about all the Aeroflot baggage fees you can find on the Aeroflot airlines website here!


(my flights: from Bali to Kuala Lumpur, from Kuala Lumpur to Bali, from Bali to Tokyo)

The flights to Kuala Lumpur and back were all right, I traveled just with a small backpack so I didn’t pay any additional fees. Also, the service was fine. I had just one of the scariest experience cuz before we landed in Bali we had to circle around the big storm and you could see how small the plane is compared to nature, haha, but I survived and we landed safely. For the flight to Tokyo, I had also just carry-on + personal item. I was a little bit heavier so I was afraid. In AirAsia total permitted weight is 7kg (carry-on + personal item). But fortunately, nobody checked it but be aware of that. 🙂

More info about all the AirAsia baggage fees you can find on the AirAsia airlines website here!

China Airlines

(my flights: from Prague to Frankfurt, from Frankfurt to Taipei, from Taipei to Bali)

I picked China Airlines on my way to Bali because I already did the same trip 5 years ago without any problem and what is the most important they have sports equipment (i needed to take surf to Bali) free of charge or better to say your checked baggage and surf cannot exceed 30 Kg together. On the trip to Bali, it’s easy cuz you don’t need to take many clothes there. Also, the flight was very comfortable the service was pretty good, you could watch new movies and there weren’t any problems during my trip. Definitely, can recommend flying with them.

More info about all the China Airlines baggage fees you can find on the China Airlines website here!

Delta airlines

(my flights: from Mexico City to Atlanta, from Atlanta to Toronto)

After Mexico trip, I did a short stop in Toronto again. For my first comeback, I used Delta airlines. Fee for the checked baggage was again 25USD and a guitar was for free. I can remember that this flight was kinda crazy trip cuz I had just 1.5-hour stopover between the flights and in the US is very strict security check so I almost couldn’t make it, but fortunately, I did. Anyway highly recommend having the stopover much longer in the US.

More info about all the Delta baggage fees you can find on the Delta airlines website here!


(my flight: from London to Prague)

Checked baggage fee was around 25USD and surprisingly guitar for free. I didn’t feel really good to fly with this airline the flight was delayed, the plane looks kinda old. When I was checking my baggage there was some super old operating system so I got stuck there kinda a long time and if the flight would be on time I would miss it (fortunately it was delayed haha). Next time I try to avoid to fly with Easyjet.

More info about all the Easyjet baggage fees you can find on the Easyjet airlines website here!


(my flight: from Cancun to Mexico City)

With Interjet I took just short flight in Mexico, again I needed to have checked baggage and I paid 25USD at the counter. A guitar was for free. Don’t have any special memories for these airlines so probably all good haha.

More info about all the Interjet baggage fees you can find on the Interjet website here!

Jet Airways

(my flights: from Prague to Brussels, from Brussels to Toronto)

Flying with Jet Airways actually started my journey two years ago everything was ahead of me and I was heading to Canada. Checked baggage was included in my economy class ticket and all the other service was all right. It was just kinda funny flying with so many Indian people cuz everybody in the airplane watching their crazy Bollywood movies.

More info about all the Jet Airways baggage fees you can find on the Jet Airways website here!


(my flights: from Prague to Warsaw, from Warsaw to Toronto)

With polish airlines Lot, I did fly when I was going to Toronto again. It’s regular airlines so the checked baggage was included(up to 23kg) in the price of the ticket. My guitar was for free. No problems on the way so I guess it’s all right haha.

More info about all the Lot baggage fees you can find on the Lot website here!


(my flight: from Osaka to Busan)

For moving from Japan to Korea I used another low-cost airline with a funny name, Peach cuz I traveled again just with carry-on I didn’t have to pay any fees. Total weight of carry-on and a personal item with peach cannot exceed 10Kg, but nobody really checked it when I was at the counter.

More info about all the Peach baggage fees you can find on the Peach website here!


(my flight: from Paris to Prague)

Short flight with these low-cost airlines was ok. Yeah, I had to pay again my checked baggage. It cost 30EUR not really good, but at least the guitar was again for free.

More info about all the Transavia baggage fees you can find on the Transavia website here!

Vanilla Air

(my flight: from Tokyo to Osaka)

Just short domestic flight in Japan. I had again just carry-on so I didn’t have to care about checked baggage fee. But still I needed to care about my carry-on cuz total weight of carry-on and the personal item must be 7kg and mine was around 10Kg haha. Of course, I didn’t want to pay anything so I just put some more clothes on me and filled my pockets the fullest eventually the weight was 7.5 but the lady at the counter let me go.

More info about all the Vanilla Air baggage fees you can find on the Vanilla Air website here!


(my flights: from Mexico City to Puerto Escondido, from Puerto Escondido to Mexico City)

Again local Mexican airlines. I used them just for short flights. Fortunately, the checked baggage fee was included in the price of the ticket but unfortunately, I had to pay for the guitar 30USD. I remember till now how mad I was about it cuz I never paid for the guitar before so I argued with them a lot. I hoped I can somehow convince them, but I couldn’t. Actually, the guy at the counter was pretty strict and when I told him that I am not gonna pay for the guitar. He simply said so you will not fly. Yeah, don’t mess with the Mexicans haha.

More info about all the VivaAerobus baggage fees you can find on the VivaAerobus website here!


(my flights: from Toronto to Halifax, from Halifax to Cancun, from Toronto to London)

With Westjet, I traveled to Mexico. It was when I first left Toronto “forever” haha. So I had checked baggage and a guitar. For checked baggage, I paid 25USD at the counter, not bad but not good either haha. A guitar was for free. I try always to take the guitar to the cabin cuz I don’t have a hardcover. So small tip always try to board the airplane as soon as possible. You need to put the guitar to overhead bins first usually happen that there is not much space after a while. And find space for a guitar it’s then so much harder. So if you don’t wanna struggle and lose your mind. Board soon!:)

Otherwise, It was a pleasant flight with Westjet. I don’t know if its company politics or I was just lucky about the cabin crew but they were so funny always trying to make some jokes and make you feel comfortable. Good job Westjet!:)

More info about all the Westjet baggage fees you can find on the Westjet website here!

Wow air

(my flights: from Toronto to Reykjavik, from Reykjavik to Paris)

With these airlines, you have to pay almost for everything even for the carry-on!! For the first flight. Have to say I didn’t pay anything in advance cuz you know me everything is last minute. I traveled with guitar and checked baggage. So the prize at the counter was 69.99USD for checked baggage and 69.99USD for guitar. Crazy right.

Second flight I was a little bit more prepared. So I paid my checked baggage online in advance for 49.99 USD. And I just told myself I am not gonna pay anything for guitar so I kept the tag from the previous flight there. And at the Keflavik airport, you can do self-check-in at the kiosk so nobody really controlled me and I traveled with my guitar for free haha. So little bit of travel hack but of course it can be different every time but you can at least try.

More info about all the Wow air baggage fees you can find on the Wow air website here!