Finally can bake

This could sound funny but after 6 months cooking just on the stove I can finally use “oven”. Its just small electic one but still better than nothing. My new japanese roommate bought it for 10 dolars through kijiji. A few mounths ago i bought all the infredients to baking brownies unfortunatelly then i found out that no oven in our house work sou i couldnt. But this week i made it! It was first baking in my life and i thing that is was success, all my roomate eat it all!:) See the pictures!

img_3880 img_3882

I also started to go to the gym more often, like the winter is coming I think there will not be many things to do. So it is the right time to start with work out. I go there with always with the owner of the Aroma he is much more experienced with the working out so he set the training and I just follow him. Its r good because otherwise I really don’t know what to do there 🙂

Also yesterday we watched with my roommate Kazuya in Disgraceland bar the baseball wild card game Toronto Blue Jays vs Baltimore Orioles. Who will lose is the game is out of the season. I think its quite unfair haha after 162 matches of the regular season just one match counts. But fortunately, Toronto won!! I still don’t understand all the baseball rules but this was a great match. After 9 innings the score was 2:2 but an extra 11th after home run finally Blue Jasy won and the final score was 5:2. So the city of Toronto can still live baseball dream and the Blue Jays faced Texas Rangers in playoffs.

img_3891 img_3890 img_3889

This week we also tried with Kazu untraditional Ethiopian kitchen in Lalibela restaurant. I really liked it there was special bread plus differents sauce (pumpkin, lentil, spinach and so). It reminds me a little bit the food I eat in Sri Lanka.


Like I am already over a half of my stay here in Canada I have to start thinking what to do after. I go right back home or travel for a while. Will see!:) Keep tuned and read me next week!!


Chai latte made by one of my coworkers!:) One of my favorites drink in Aroma.


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