First days after comeback

The reality was a little difficult after comeback. Right on the borders check in I had problems. I wanted to stay in Canada for 5 months, but they gave me a visitor permit just until the 4th of July. They saw my working record from last year, so they were afraid that I am gonna start working again. I tried to convince them that I am not gonna work, just travel and enjoy the warmer weather, but there was no chance.

So yeah complication right from the beginning. There is a small chance to extend my visa if I would apply for it, but I am not yet sure if I want to stay longer. I cannot even open a bank account here in Canada just with visitor permit, so all the money have to take just from my Czech accounts, another complication. It’s probably good to say, that I have still savings from last year, even after Mexico + money from tax return (I got around 1500 CAD) + some savings from Czech, so I could stay in Toronto till September without working.

Another big thing was to find a place to stay, yeah again.:). I booked a room through Airbnb first like the last time, but this time closer to the downtown. It was hard, I saw around 5 rooms but anything I would like. I tried contacting my previous landlord, but it was already full. I started to be a little bit down about all these “no” and unsuccess with a room, but fortunately, once I was walking through the area I liked I say sign on some house, with a free room for rent, I called the owner and finally found a room which fits me. It’s in Beatrice street, close to the big park, a little bit further from the subway, but I ride a bike again so I don’t need much of TTC.

So yeah hard start, but with a place to live, I got my confidence back and It was right time to start “planning” trips around Toronto, one of the reason while I truly come back to Canada. 🙂