First days of 2021

Since I do not write daily anymore. The regular Tuesdays posts are the only place I can continue my writing journey.

There are popping up new projects on a similar basis like 200WaD but I am okay with the current state. I just need a break and maybe focus more on my personal blog and the quality of posts.

The first days of 2021 are filled with running. Since I am still lost with the working direction I can go running more often. Right now is the pace every other day. I try also to do longer tracks.

So far so good. If I run longer I think more and clear my mind better. If I set the right pace I do not really care about the exhaustion and it’s quite an enjoyable activity. The temperature outside is around zero and I am still able to go out. I guess there is no excuse, therefore, I should keep this habit throughout the whole year. If I stay motivated.

During my runs, I make short clips and try to make an edit out of them. It’s good to practice my Adobe Premiere Pro skills. It’s just a short format for my Instagram Stories but it’s a good feeling to put something up and show it to the world. Of course, I cannot do it every time but if I have a good idea for the clip the editing is made itself.

I need to keep myself busy otherwise it will do not end well. My laziness hitting the rock bottom. 🙂

Wish me luck.

Stay tuned. Emil