First interviews, first part-time and Thai box

So my first job interview is behind me aaand it was terrible :)). It was for a new Japanese barbeque restaurant and I was not able to say a regular sentence in English :)). The interviewer was a really nice woman, She asked something like “What do you imagine about team player person, Can you handle face paced environment? I think that I wouldn’t be able to say the right answer in Czech also :)), but yeah, better be prepared for next time! But you know what doesn’t kill, make you stronger!:)) Every experience counts :). So I am still applying.

Next big fail was when I was interviewing for a Front staff position in some coffee and ice cream bistro. I have to say it from beginning :). I came to the interview and the boss wasn’t there yet, so I talked with the staff, they were very nice people, we talked about surfing, traveling, snowboarding. So I felt pretty confident and comfortable, but till then the boss came. It was sure that he wasn’t like me at first sight. Have to say that he had a few reasons why :). First I wore blue jeans and a black sweatshirt, before I left home, I wanted to wear black trousers, but I said to me that will look to stiffly It wasn’t luxury coffee just pretty ordinary bistro but yes first big mistake, Second I don’t know why but I don’t sleep really well here yet  so I looked little bit tired, third I did not make it to the barber shop here and fourth I was previous day at Thai boxing lesson (see below) and guess what had happened, I had a black eye, bruise right under my eye :)). Have to say I didn’t look neat at all :)). He was honest and said it to me everything… So big lesson learned, I am pissed of till today, I could be a good start for my working career here in Toronto. :((

Working tip 1 : Always wear nice dress and look neat for the interview even if you applying only for basic position (Yes third year old child will give me same advice, but you have to fall on the head open to realize that it is really true)

How the day had a bad start it ended well. Right after the unsuccessful interview, I got a call for dishwashing position I applied for. (same day as the previous job, actually I woke up early that day and applied for many jobs). It was without any interview, they said just could you come today at six and I said yes of course :). It was in one luxury Italian restaurant. I was afraid because I have never do dishwashing in a restaurant before, but it went well. Its really hard work, you have to stay all the time, and the dishes just coming and coming, operate the dishwashing machine is easy, you really don’t need a university degree for this position. :). The people were there really nice and helpful, so I made it without any big problem :). The worst was realize that I am not in Toronto on vacation, but I have to actually work :)). I will go there every weekend, till I find something better I hope. Also, they had a really good experience with another Czech guy with name Ondrej before, it was easier for me then. So Thank you Ondrej!:). Here is a photo of OVEST restaurant where I dish wash now:).

Working tip 2 : If you applying through the craiglist or kijiji, try to be quick. Apply right after the job ad was published is it the best way to procceed to the interview.

Next interview I did also to dishwashing position to some new vegan Burger restaurant. It was nice to talk to the owner and manager of the restaurant. The result of the interview I don’t know yet. Let you know in next post!:)

I applied also to the office job. The similar position I did two years in Czech. I was actually really surprised that they consider my application at all. It was just a call (so pre pre-interview I think :)) but it went not so bad I hope. I talked about my previous position, the interviewer about this position what is expected of me and so. I was nervous of course, so the English weren’t professional but it wasn’t total flop I am sure. Actually, I don’t really know if I want back to the office, so if by accident will make it through the selection process. Will see if I accepted it :).

I thought about this whole working experience and the best it would be if I get a few different part-time jobs. It wouldn’t be so boring then and I can learn many new things, but will see if it is possible!:)

Thaibox (Muay Thai) I was bored here and wanted to meet new people. So I went to Thai boxing lesson to the gym, which is nearby my place. Its called Siam no.1. I was really good, the people were nice, they borrowed me the equipment and the best is that first week is for free :). I used to go to Thai boxing in Czech, so I could do everything during the lesson. One mistake was that we spare at the end of the lesson and I was punched and have a black eye now, not a really good thing for interviews :))

So that was next week. As you see I made a few mistakes but the interviews continue and I get a feeling that will be better and better:). In the end, I earned my first money in Canada and that is a good start!:)

Keep tuned on my blogging and read me next week!:)